Saturday, October 13, 2012

[Everything doTERRA] flu shot??

I opted against getting the flus shot for my kids this year.  I am new to using oils, my kiddos have gotten the flus shot every year!  After they get it, I regret it so I started looking into other options.  I found on here several mentions about making up a 'flu shot in a bottle"  Can someone tell me exactly how to make this up and when you use you use it when they have the flu or every day as a prevention from getting the flu.  My kids are on the LLV and I have been putting on guard on them morning and night but they are still getting sick.  Mostly colds but I see so many people who say they use oils and the LLV and never get sick.  I have spent close to $900 so far on oils to get a good supply built up but am frustrated that so far I am not finding anything that is working.  I have tried several oils on them to help with the colds but none of them seem to be helping.  I want to go all in and get away from modern meds but whe nthe oils don't seem to be helping them I don't know what else to do....

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